Loving God...Loving People


Wherever you’re from or whatever you have experienced in the past, we want you to know that you matter to God and you matter to us.

At Life Church we simply believe that God loves people. His plan of salvation is for everyone and that He will save, heal and transform every individual life by His love and power! The Pastoral ministry at Life Church will always stand with you, believe and trust God with you and be here for you...always...no matter what!

Pastoral care is available at church services, by completing online forms, or through contacting the church offices. Prayer is available during the prayer line on a Sunday morning, and you can also receive prayer, meet and talk to a pastor at the end of any church services at Pastors Connect.

If you would like to request a home visit or submit a prayer request please click here.


If you would like to meet with a pastor please click here.

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For information on Life Events - weddings, funerals, baby dedication, and water baptisms - please contact the church offices on 01303 240033 or email: